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Art & Quilts 2013

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‘Kunst en Quilts’  (‘Art and Quilts’)

Holland’s first symposium on art quilts, ‘Kunst and Quilts’ (‘Art and Quilts’) was held on May 1st 2013, at Gouda, on the occasion of publication of the book and the opening of the exposition. Fully booked, the symposium featured six speakers and a panel discussion.

Dery Timmer, author of Art Textiles of the World, The Netherlands
on: Position of art quilts in textile art.
Henk Lijding, art historian,  
on: What is an art quilt in the context of Art?
Anne Berk, art critic, curator, teacher,
on: How are art quilts viewed by the art world?
Maryan Geluk, visual artist
on: Art Quilts in the perspective of a visual artist.
Mirjam Pet-Jacobs, art quilter
on: Art Quilts in actual practice.
Monika Auch, art critic and visual artist,
on: Own practice and conclusions of the day.

The symposium was chaired by Hanne Capel, art historian and art quilter.

A compilation of the lectures and conclusions has been issued.
Reprints may be ordered at at € 10, with a minimum of 5 pieces.
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