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Project AQiN

Book ‘Art Quilts in the Netherlands’

Cooperating with 57 art quilters and 8 visual artist, 110 recently made Dutch art quilts were art-critically sampled in 2012 to present a first and fair overview of the contemporary Dutch art quilt scene and published on May 1st 2013, titled ‘Art Quilts in Nederland’. An English summary  was added to accommodate non-Dutch readers.

The art quilt’s qualifying characteristics are discussed in five essays:
    • Would art quilts be works of art, and if so why?
    • On esthetics: the compelling beauty of art quilts and their often feminine quality.
    • The development from quilts to art quilts.
    • The recent expansion in form: could some textile works still be called art quilts?
    • The art quilter: education, networks,  production. Indices on who is who.

The selection was made by art historian Henk Lijding, with Hanny Spierenburg as sparring partner. Technical advises were gratefully accepted from Flox den Hartog Jager, Corinne Brunnikreef and Nanda Lijding, all quilters or art quilters.
Photography was done by John Drop, specialized in textile photographing.
The Book was published by WBOOKS at Zwolle, NL and still available for € 19,95 ex postage.
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