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Foundation AQN

Art Quilts Nederland, the Foundation

The foundation’s objective is to promote art quilts.
Present focus is on enhancing the status of art quilts and derivative works as museum art, and to facilitate art quilters and textile artists in their efforts to reach that objective, if they so wish.

The foundation, founded in 2012, operates in projects, facilitates publications and organizes exhibitions and  symposiums.
The foundation is a non-profit organization and operates in projects. So, operations and risks are limited and compartmentalized.

Past projects

Art Quilts in the Netherlands, 2011-2013
The first retrospective exhibition of contemporary art quilts in the Netherlands,
accompanied by a symposium on the subject and the publication of the first art historical approach in book form of the Dutch art quilt scene.
For more info, click entry ‘Art Quilts in the Netherlands’.
Gouda, NL, 2013
OEQC, Veldhoven, 2013 (selection)
Book ‘Art Quilts in the Netherlands’
The first art historical approach to the subject. With 110 works of 57 art quilters and 10 visual artists. Commentated and contexted in 5 essays by art historian Henk Lijding, MA. 160 pages, full colour. € 19,95. With an English summary by the author. ISBN 978 90 663 0044 6.
Available in high street bookshops in the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as at New York and London with the Art Collectors Association. Or with the publisher WBOOKS:   

Gouda, 2013 ‘Art and Quilts’, the first in the Netherlands on that subject
Enschede, 2014 ‘From Fabric to Art’.
Articles by Henk Lijding on the Dutch art quilt scene:
On various art quilt themes in Quiltnieuws, the quarterly of Dutch Quiltersgilde, 2009-2015
On the art quilt scene in the Netherlands in the magazines of the quiltersguilds of Denmark, Norway, UK, Germany, Italy, and for SAQA, all in 2014
Lectures on art quilts by Henk Lijding at various occasions, 2013-2015

Current  project
Art Quilts and Beyond, Textile art in Europe, 2014-2018
What lies, in the artistic development of art quilters, beyond art quilts?
Exhibitions, catalogue cum art historical overview of European art quilts and textile art.
For information please click entry ‘Art Quilts and Beyond’

Forthcoming event
The first exhibition outside Holland with part of the collection from the book ‘Art Quilts in the Netherlands’. Edinburgh, April 28 - May 1, 2016, the Knitting &Stitching Show, at the Royal Highland Centre.

Future projects
The foundation welcomes suggestions for new projects.

The foundation, organization
      • Hanne Capel, art quilter and art historian; secretarial issues
      • Hanny Spierenburg, teacher on art quilting, longtime adviser on textiles with the Dutch Institute for Cultural Education and Amateur Art; financial matters
      • Henk Lijding, art historian; chairman.
fellow workers
      • Flox den Hartog Jager, Corinne Brunnekreef and Nanda Lijding advised on quilt matters  in writing the book ‘Art Quilts in the Netherlands’
      • Willy Doreleijers, art quilter, designer of website and logo AQN
      • Herman Lengton, architect, spacial designer exhibitions.

Board members and fellow workers cooperate on one’s own volition and for free.

Chamber of Commerce 56583176. The foundation is a non-profit organization.
Bank account: ABNAMRO Bank, NL57ABNA0411587218


WBOOKS, Zwolle, NL, Johan de Bruijn, deputy director.
Fotography: John Drop, Hilversum

Webdesing: Willy Doreleijers Copyright 2016. All rights reserved by artquiltsnederland.
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