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Objective & Scope

Project AQiN

‘Art Quilts in the Netherlands’: book, exhibitions and symposiums

In May 2013 the project Art Quilts in the Netherlands was launched. The first art historical and art-critical approach to Dutch art quilts. Although art quilts do exist in the Netherlands since the 90’s, a comprehensive overview had not yet be undertaken. So, a book was written, an exhibition staged and a symposium held. Organizing party was, and still is the foundation Art Quilts Nederland.
Windmill, by Willy Doreleijers,
48x173 cm, 2010

Art Quilts

Originally, art quilts stem from traditional quilts. They are artistically more matured. Lately, textile artists as well are using quilts as a basis to achieve works of art. For its origin, arty quilts are often associated with craft. However, in concept, design and in practice, art quilters strive to make works of art, museum art preferably. The textile and the traditional textile techniques such as the choice of colors, the needle work and the embroidering,  are the means of expression for the artists. Just like paintings and sculptures: the image is qualifying, with its impact on the beholder.
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