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Objective & Scope

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Art Quilts and Beyond, Textile Works of Europe

Recently, art quilts have expanded substantially in concept and form.  Several European art quilters venture into freer textile works.  Art Quilts and Beyond, Textile Works of Europe is a series of exhibitions, and a well-argued catalogue with which we want to show that development in Europe.
Objective and scope

Over the last ten years art quilts have expanded substantially in concept and form. Using all artistic freedom of movement, several European art quilters have journeyed from the classical three-layered 2D-form with its large picture plane into multi layered transparent works, 3-D textile objects, installations and video works. Anything  seems to go, as long as it is textile or textile based, challenging the imagination of artist and beholder. Part of that development is  quilting driven, part it answers  the freer works already made by academically educated artists turning towards textile.

In recent exhibitions in the Netherlands and elsewhere art quilts and freer textile works are exhibited alongside each other, often elaborating on the same theme. The erstwhile strength of categorizing fades away. That trend is confirmed in recent surveys, in which art quilters were questioned on their  preferred term of address and the typology of their works. Many art quilters have changed their name into textile artists, producing textile works of art. Matters come together in the often substantial oeuvres of textile works made by art quilters.
Innocents by Eszter Bornemisza
Innocents by Eszter Bornemisza

We want to show that development in an exhibition, and reason that development in a well-argued catalogue. To explore that, terminologically speaking, grey area in between art quilts and textile art works. Later this year 2016, or next year, we intent to invite art quilters and textile artists with the question to participate, asking them:

What, art quilter, would you make if not an art quilt?
What, textile artist, would you make if it is an art quilt?

There are not many art quilters and textile artists who dare to extend their works into the realm of museum art, or who are willing to take all the critique which come with the territory.  To allow for sufficient participants, giving a fair view, we will  take the project into Europe. That would allow us as well to sketch de differences and similarities of the developments in the countries majoring in art quilts and textile works: Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Scandinavia. We have brought objective and scope together in the project name:

                  Art Quilts and Beyond, Textile Works of Europe.

Art Quilts and beyond  may prove to be an eye opener for everyone looking for alternatives to the classical art quilt and for those who are interested with the new trend in textile works.. Exhibition and catalogue will present new approaches to textile works. In questioning the art quilt medium, it may give a view of the quilt art to come.

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